Chances are great that parts of an old fence that has been on your property for some time have been in bad shape or are falling down, should you’ve got it. You will likely want to tear down the fence for replacement at some point. You’ll find a few things you should do to ensure the project goes off and properly before you get your hammer and gloves. There are several steps a good homeowner takes before making any changes. Some are legal steps and others are simply common sense. You desire to take the correct security procedures to make certain you and no one else gets hurt, when you get started doing your tear down project.

In case you are unfamiliar with the history of your home and you moved in after your neighbors were there that fence you are considering removing may not be yours. Another problem you face is that some installation jobs are done without city approval and could be in your neighbor’s property line. Then you need to probably give some thought to installing a fence which is on your home in the event the fence is not owned by you. Your other choice is to discuss the specific situation with your neighbor and see if he’d be willing to tear the fence down so that yours can be installed by you.

Regardless of where you reside, you always need to contact the neighborhood utility companies before you begin digging. Your fence posts are installed several feet to the floor and could have been there for a long time. If the utility firms have done any installment of lines near your fence, then you’ll need prior to starting digging up fence posts, to know that.